According to Katy Perry, everything is a video game in this world 2022

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The sci-fi film series “The Matrix” explores the idea that everything in existence is a computer simulation, and the pop diva has been researching simulation theory, which makes the same claim. Katy perry is an awesome singer and entertained and doing so still.

“I entertain some strange thoughts,” admitted 37-year-old Katy perry. NPCs and simulation theory interest me. For instance, my brother, who enjoys playing video games and is interested in cryptocurrency, was watching the video gaming equivalent of the X Games, in which FIFA soccer was being played by video gamers in front of a stadium full of spectators using their avatars on computers and nice chairs. I thought, “Isn’t that already taking place? Doesn’t that apply to us? Isn’t it possible that someone is teasing us? And we’re working out a new game to play? The Metaverse is the next level of reality, then. I’m not sure.

“NPC stands for Non-Player Character, or individuals who are passive participants in life. On a more esoteric spiritual level, it’s those who lack understanding of consciousness, in my opinion, but it may be a sociopathic explanation.

Katy Perry Opinion was like this

We’re all just stars attached to bodies, after all. I don’t even smoke marijuana! Not even smoking feed is permitted for me. I realize it sounds like I’m now microdosing. Trying to absorb any of that information is really difficult.”

Katy perry was brought up as a Pentecostal Christian by her pastor parents, but she has since abandoned organized religion and taken on parts of her fiancé Orlando Bloom’s Buddhist beliefs in addition to her interest in simulation theory.

I was raised in a very Christian home, but they call it Born Again Christians; it’s really emotional and new wave, it’s not like Catholic, it’s very radical Christian, said the ‘Roar’ singer, who has a two-year-old daughter Daisy Dove with the British actor. I grew up listening to gospel and Christian music, and there is a huge world of Christian music that has its own version of the Grammys.

“I don’t adhere to my upbringing’s beliefs. I’m a big seeker, so organized religion may not be for me. Orlando is a devoted Buddhist who sings primarily in the morning. I therefore tend to adhere to his or the Buddhist ideology a little bit more. Actually, I’m just a seeker of it all. There is a lot of science, including mysticism, algebra, geometry, and physics. I have no doubt that something will eventually come up.”


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