After seven years, Trevor Noah will leave “The Daily Show”

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After seven years, Trevor Noah will leave “The Daily Show”: TREVOR NOAH is bidding The Daily Show adieu. After seven years as the show’s host, who succeeded Jon Stewart in 2015, he will leave Comedy Central, telling the audience that his “time is up.” In a special video message, Noah stated, “It’s been simply great. “I never anticipated it to be like this.

The entire time, I was reflecting on everything we’ve been through. The Trump presidency, the epidemic, the voyage alone, and yet another pandemic has made me understand that my time is over after seven years. “I want to thank you, to you who saw this,” he concluded. I never imagined I would be in this situation. I resemble Charlie from the Chocolate Factory in certain ways. Noah said, “I’ve liked trying to find a way to make people laugh, even when the tales are exceptionally terrible, even on the worst days.” He said that presenting the program was “one of my biggest challenges and one of my greatest delights.” We have both laughed and wept together.

The comic, who was a relative unknown from South Africa when chosen to succeed Stewart, didn’t confirm his future step but did make a suggestion that stand-up comedy might return. When Noah returned outside, he realized there was another aspect of his life that he wanted to continue investigating. “I spent two years in my apartment, not on the road,” he remarked. “I miss picking up new tongues. I miss performing abroad and visiting different nations.

After seven years, Trevor Noah will leave “The Daily Show”

Comedy Central announced the departure in a statement to Variety. Who would take his place or the day he will serve as host of his farewell program were not disclosed. Variety reports that Comedy Central has a number of prospective replacements for Noah in the shape of his Daily Show correspondents. These may include the increasingly well-liked recent portions of Desi Lydic, Roy Wood Jr., Ronny Chieng, Michael Kosta, Dulcé Sloan, and Jordan Klepper. Noah assured them he would still be around for a while as he revealed his upcoming departure.

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