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Ever questioned why mid-October is missing something? You are already familiar with Amazon Prime Day. It’s also prime pumpkin spice latte season, of course. And now is the perfect time to go apple picking if that’s your thing. But isn’t there still something missing from our hearts?

Yes, Bezos is correct; today is yet another Prime Day.

Amazon is holding its Prime Day deals twice in a single year for the first time ever. And even though the previous one was only three months ago; the sales are still going strong. Therefore, we are here to assist you in navigating the greatest and largest.

When is the early access sale for Amazon Prime Day?

The dates for the Amazon Early Access Sale are October 11 and 12.

Do I have to have Prime to shop?

You unfortunately do. The deal and other perks of becoming a Prime member, such as free two-day delivery and Prime Video, are accessible during the 30-day free trial period for new users. Just be sure to cancel before the deadline passes, or you’ll be charged the $15 monthly price. Additionally, you can acquire a cheap membership if you’re a student or qualify for some government assistance programs (like Medicaid and EBT).

Are there any concurrent sales going on?

Oh, yes. Offering counter-sales to sales is the one thing capitalism is good for. You may shop concurrent deals at Target and Walmart, to name a couple, if you want to slam Bezos (we don’t blame you) or just purchase other/more items (again, we don’t blame you).

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