Bleach finally looks as cool as it should in Thousand-Year Blood War

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Fans all over the world have now seen the first episode of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War and the show has also released a special ending theme sequence! Since the original anime adaptation of Tite Kubo’s manga series was shortened more than ten years ago, fans have been excited to see the series return with fresh episodes. Since viewers have been able to witness the beginning of this new age in action, it is clear that the series is real despite the seemingly endless wait.

With the release of its first episode around the world, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War has ushered in a new age of the anime after so many years of waiting, hoping, and praying for what felt like an impossibility. A special closing theme that showcased several of the anime’s standout moments was released along with the premiere episode. Check out the complete ending theme sequence from the premiere, which is called “Rapport” and features Tatsuya Kitani as the performer, below:

Fans may recognize this closing theme as it served as the soundtrack for a special exhibition honoring Tite Kubo’s manga series 20 years after it first appeared in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. New opening and closing themes for the entire series are expected to debut in the subsequent episode, as was previously stated. Tatsuya Kitani will perform “Scar” for the new opening theme, and SennaRin will perform “Saihate” for the new closing theme.

The Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is currently underway, and new episodes of the series will be available for viewing on Hulu in the United States (and Disney+ for fans outside of the United States). This new and final era of Bleach will be running for quite a while as it explores all of the enormous events that took place in the final arc of the original manga series. The series has been announced to span four courses in total split across two halves.

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