Columbus Day

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On Monday, the Fifth Avenue Columbus Day Parade, now in its 78th year, returns to New York City.

The largest celebration of Italian American ancestry and culture in the country, the parade, will take place from 11:30 am to 3 pm.

Tom Golisano, a businessman, and former politician will lead the Columbus Day Parade in 2022. Over 100 marching groups, floats, and marching bands will follow him up Fifth Avenue from 44th to 72nd Streets.

The parade will cause a number of the streets on the list below to close.

There will still be trash collection for New Yorkers as far as city services go.

According to the city’s Department of Sanitation, the department will continue its “on-holiday pick-up” program on Monday by collecting trash and compost.

According to the government, more than 1,500 sanitation workers volunteered to work on Monday.

For people whose recycling is typically collected on Mondays, the department will pick up recycling on Monday, October 17.

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