How to Watch: The Weather Channel without cable

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It might be surprisingly challenging to watch The Weather Channel if you don’t have cable anymore. However, we’ll do the legwork for you and demonstrate how to stream The Weather Channel online.

How to watch The Weather Channel online

There are surprisingly few options available if you no longer have a cable subscription and want to access The Weather Channel through one of the established U.S. streaming services (also known as MVPDs, or multichannel video programming distributors).

The bad news is that. The good news is that YouTube TV, the most widely used streaming service, offers The Weather Channel. That means that as part of the single YouTube TV streaming subscription, which as of this writing costs $65 per month, more than 5 million customers can already view The Weather Channel.

The Weather Channel is also available on FuboTV, the second-largest streaming service, which, as of the most recent count, had slightly under 1 million customers. There, as part of its basic “Pro” plan, which costs $70 per month and includes 139 channels, is The Weather Channel. The Weather Channel is additionally accessible in Spanish.

It’s important to note that only YouTube TV and Fubo TV provide any form of 4K choice, with the majority of their 4K content being live sports (or in the case of YouTube TV, also a good bit of on-demand content).

The Weather Channel is also available on DirecTV Stream. However, it is not included in the most affordable package. Instead, you’ll need to begin with at least the “Choice” package, which costs $70 per month and gives you 105 channels.

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App for Weather Channel TV

There is another choice if streaming The Weather Channel isn’t your thing for whatever reason. A specific app for watching The Weather Channel on your TV is called “The Weather Channel TV App.” Although it isn’t quite the same as the live, linear channel, it is still an improvement over nothing. You can use it to get local forecasts, on-demand programming, radar, maps, and weather alerts and updates.

Additionally, it is accessible almost everywhere that such apps are found, including Roku and Amazon Fire TV, the two major streaming services. Additionally, it is available on Xfinity Flex, Apple TV, Android TV, and Samsung smart TVs.

The price of the Weather Channel TV App is $3 per month or $30 annually. Additionally, if you already subscribe to The Weather Channel through another method—cable TV or one of the streaming options we mentioned above—you can log in to The Weather Channel TV App and gain access to everything else as well.


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