India Bans PFI (islamic Group) for 5 Years

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It was established in 2006 as a result of the union of the National Development Front (NDF) and the Karnataka Forum for Dignity  (KFD) (NDF). PFI has been outlawed by the Indian government under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act because it is an “unlawful association,” as defined by the government. PFI means Popular Front India.

It is said that the groups have links with terrorist organizations in Bangladesh. PFI is liable for various violent activities as per the document released by the home ministry of India. From the chopping hands of professors and other various violent activities, PFI is now banned. The paper also mentioned various explosives found with PFI.

We have already heard the news of RAID on PFI offices and Bihar police found documents mentioning INDIA 2047 towards the Rule of Islamic India. However, the same is denied by PFI. The stronghold of the organization is believed in Kerla. The head office is in Delhi. India is deeply concerned with its internal security. PFI and its follower will not able to protest.

For now, the PFI is banned for 5 years and opposition leaders are asking questions about this ban. Yes, the concern is if PFI is doing these activities and the government has proof, then why it is banned for just 5 years? We will have to wait and watch what will be further development in this news.

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