A referendum to join Russia has begun in some parts of Ukraine.

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A referendum to join Russia has begun in some parts of Ukraine.

Ukraine. : In portions of Ukraine voting in a “controlled” referendum to join Russia has started. Voting on whether the controlled regions of Ukraine would join Russia began on Friday. Kyiv and the West denounced the referendums as an illegal and contrived attempt by Moscow to annex the east and south after nearly seven months of fighting.

United Nations experts and Ukrainian officials cited fresh proof of war crimes in Ukraine during the voting. Officials from the Kharkiv region reported that hundreds of remains, including at least 30 showing indications of torture, were buried in a mass grave in the eastern city of Ilium. Residents of a small Moscow-controlled section of the nearby Mykolaiv region will also be entitled to vote, according to Russian-installed officials in the Kherson region.

Until Russian forces completely occupy Mykolaiv, this little territory has been “integrated” into the Kherson region. The Russians are compelled to bring people because of the great fear and reluctance to attend the referendum. According to the presidential office of Ukraine, Russian shelling in nine different districts of Ukraine over the course of the last 24 hours caused at least 10 civilian deaths and 39 additional injuries.

Ukraine. On Saturday, Russian antiwar protestors planned to demonstrate against the mobilization.

Additionally, polls opened in Russia where citizens of those regions, including refugees, may cast their ballots. The voting is taking place as Russian and Ukrainian soldiers are exchanging fire and refusing to give ground in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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