Overwatch 2 Gets New Defence Matrix To Combat

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Blizzard has provided a ton of information about the measures it is doing to combat toxic players and smurfs in Overwatch 2 while ensuring that new players have an easy transition into the game. I believe the modifications are generally rather sound. New player onboarding appears to be a good strategy for easing them into the mayhem. However, some players may take issue with the requirement to connect a cell phone number to your Battle.net account, particularly those who use alt accounts for a variety of reasons.

For each alternate account, you would need to figure out a means to have a different phone number. Pre-paid or VoIP lines won’t be accepted, according to Blizzard. Maybe your generous roommate or family member would be willing to lend you their phone number (note to self: cook a very nice dinner for your partner later).

The cosmetics, progress, accomplishments, and Overwatch League tokens on your secondary accounts might not be able to be carried over if you don’t do this. I asked Overwatch devs if there was a way to combine such items between accounts on the same platform when I spoke with them about the Defense Matrix effort.

Bill Warnecke, the chief software engineer for Overwatch 2, informed me that there is currently no-account unification or account merging across different accounts. Given what we’ve heard about account merging, that shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it may still come as a shock to people who are only now discovering about the phone number requirement. However, the developers provided a very logical justification for the adjustment.

According to Warnecke, “in the past, accounts were linked to a box price, so there was some form of investment from a player into an account in order to receive it.” “That initial box price is gone now that Overwatch 2 will be available for free-to-play. The main concept behind SMS Protect is to make an investment on behalf of the account owner and add some constraints or restrictions to the potential account-holding options. There are no exceptions or any ways to get around the system.

“It is very logical that players would have used many accounts. However, by making that a flaw, it would undermine the validity and benefit of adopting SMS Protect universally.

The Overwatch team examined the benefits and drawbacks of SMS Protect’s effect on players who use multiple identities but behave honestly. However, they came to the conclusion that having a stronger defense against cheats and trolls was more crucial.

If you have numerous accounts, SMS Protect may have a detrimental effect on a completely honest gamer who has no ulterior motives or a desire to cheat, according to Warnecke. “This is a roadblock for an honest player. We considered it very carefully and debated it extensively as we talked about including this function.

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“SMS Protect concentrates a little bit on the bad guys and the players who are willing to utilize hacks and who may be willing to cycle through a lot of different accounts. We fairly aggressively seek out players who exhibit unusual gameplay, notable gameplay behavior, or who are picked up by any potential cheat fingerprints. However, all of the detection in the world won’t be able to prevent us from keeping bad actors out of the game if that player’s account is banned and they are then able to just rejoin with a new account. For those gamers, the price of being willing to cheat needs to be slightly raised. In Overwatch 2, losing an account is a considerably worse punishment.

The Defense Matrix defenses, according to Overwatch senior designer Scott Mercer, are primarily focused on “trying to make it inconvenient for individuals who use hacks, but also to make it more expensive and uneconomical to build these cheats.” I believe the majority of the Overwatch community can support that. Just a shame that many honest players who have many accounts will suffer as a result.


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