Panthers’ Robby Anderson was ejected by his coach Steve Wilks of game

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Panthers wide receiver Robbie Anderson made an effort to set the record straight after being ejected from the game in the middle of it during Sunday’s embarrassing road defeat to the Rams.

After getting into numerous disputes with receivers coach Joe Dailey, Anderson was ordered to the locker room by interim coach Steve Wilks. In the second quarter, Anderson approached Dailey amid a heated argument, and in the third, he again engaged the assistant, causing Wilks to intervene as a mediator before ejecting Anderson from the game.

Anderson told reporters after the game that his actions were motivated by a disagreement, he had with the coaching staff regarding substituting out of the game on third down. He said that he didn’t want anyone to “have a misperception about me,” which was another reason he wanted to speak with the media.

It’s third down, I’m being removed from the game, you know, I don’t think I should be OK with that, Anderson said. “I’m here to do everything I can to help us win,” Anderson added. I said, “So, why am I being pulled out? It’s the money down. The end of that.

The seven-year veteran said saying he wasn’t sure why he thought he was eliminated but insisted that he was only concerned about the chance to support his team’s success.

As Anderson hinted, the Panthers have had a difficult week since Matt Rhule was fired on Monday. It was rumored that Carolina might move some of its veterans, including Anderson and Christian McCaffrey, after Rhule, who coached Anderson at Temple, was fired.

The trade rumors are something Anderson is aware of, but he recognizes they are a normal part of the business, he told reporters on Sunday.

He said, “I don’t let it impact me. In response to the question of whether he wanted to be transferred, Anderson said, “No, I wouldn’t say I want to be,” before adding that he’ll see how things develop.

No matter what happens beyond Week 6, Anderson’s status with the team is unquestionably in doubt following Sunday’s incident. Anderson left the game without recording a single target or reception.

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