Phony heiress Anna Sorokin released from US immigration detention

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Anna Sorokin has been released from immigration detention after defrauding people and businesses out of hundreds of thousands of dollars while posing as a German heiress. Her escapades served as the inspiration for a Netflix series.

Sorokin was seen in photos published in the New York Post on Friday in a Manhattan apartment complex. She expressed her “just happy to be back” in New York City to the publication.

The 31-year-old had served three years in jail for larceny and theft and had been detained by immigration authorities since March 2021. According to immigration authorities, she must be sent back to Germany because she overstayed her visa.

Sorokin was authorized by a judge to be released to house confinement this week while she battles deportation. She was required to comply with the requirements set down by Manhattan Immigration Judge Charles Conroy, including posting a $10,000 bond, providing a residential address where she will remain during the pendency of her immigration case, and refraining from posting on social media.

Prosecutors believe that Sorokin used the guise of Anna Delvey to gain the respect of New York’s influential people by claiming to be the owner of a $67 million fortune abroad. She made up a line about being an oil baron’s or diplomat’s daughter.

Authorities claimed that Sorokin stole $275,000 in total by fabricating documents, and lying to financial institutions, five-star hotels, and wealthy Manhattanites. “Inventing Anna,” a Netflix series, was inspired by her escapades.

Sorokin’s attorney, Duncan Levin, released a statement following Conroy’s decision stating that Sorokin “is happy to be getting out so she can focus on fighting her erroneous conviction.”

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