Rebel Entertainment will appeal Judge Judy & CBS’s $95 million series library sale dismissal

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Rebel Entertainment will appeal Judge Judy & CBS’s $95 million series library sale dismissal: The war for the $95 million sale of the Judy Judy library between Judith Sheindlin, CBS, and Rebel Entertainment Partners is done, but it’s not over yet. Sheindlin, Big Ticket Pictures, and CBS, which is owned by Paramount Global, successfully moved to have the two-year-old lawsuit from self-described “successor in interest” Rebel over the more than $5 million, It claims it is owed for the admittedly complicated 2017 sale dismissed. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Kristin S. Escalante granted their request.

The Order, which is signed and filed on this date and is incorporated herein by reference to the Court file, states that the defendants Big Ticket Pictures, Inc., CBS Studios, Inc., CBS Corporation, Judith Sheindlin, and Her Honor, Inc. are entitled to judgment in their favour on all causes of action. Later that day, the judge the court does not need to consider the question of whether Sheindlin’s reacquisition of rights by CBS under the 1999 Settlement Agreement constituted.

But the Freedman + Taitelman-represented Rebel has a melody of its own to play before the victory dances start. Hollywood powerhouse lawyer Bryan Freedman told Deadline on Thursday, “The judge ruled that despite CBS’s persistent statement that a sale of the Judge Judy collection had never taken place, CBS’s financial records revealed that to be false. Also, he said, the court of appeals will resolve this case. We are sure that the court of appeals will find in favour of our client. When contacted by Deadline, Sheindlin’s representatives declined to comment on the decision in the frequently scathing lawsuit.

Sheindlin is currently the host of Judy Justice. The venture arm of CBS also declined to respond. Jim Curry of Loeb & Loeb represented Sheindlin and her Her Honor shingle, CBS, and Big Ticket in this matter. The jury-seeking action was originally filed in the middle of the first wave of the Covid-19 epidemic in August 2020. Amid a number of lawsuits over the 25 seasons of the very lucrative and popular courtroom drama, including one other complaint by Rebel.

Rebel said it was due 5% of Judge Judy the show’s revenues, tagging former CBS boss Les Moonves, former CBS programming head Armando Nuez, Sheindlin, and others over the allegedly low-balled sale of the now defunct series five years ago. as well as a component of matching enrichments, such as the cyclical 2017 library auction. Naturally, Sheindlin and CBS made it apparent that they believed Richard Lawrence, the original Judge Judy packager talent agent, and his Abrams, Rubaloff & Lawrence business had overstepped their bounds on this one.

At the time, Sheindlin said to Deadline, “I will toast that contract, slather it with cream cheese, and eat it on national television if Mr. Lawrence can present a contract, signed by me and Mr. Lawrence on the same page, at any period in history from the beginning of time. It should be underlined that neither a contract nor such banquet has taken place. The current lawsuit will now have another half-life in appeals, despite the fact that all the people involved have all but gone on to other things, which is the irony at the core of the Hollywood industry.

Sheindlin announced the cancellation of Judge Judy in 2020 after failing to strike a deal with CBS TV Distribution for additional seasons of the Emmy-winning daytimer, which earned her $47 million annually. The former Manhattan family court judge joined forces with Sox Entertainment, run by former CBS executive Scott Koondel, and was quickly pitching a new series. With the November 2021 launch of Judy Justice on the Amazon-owned IMDb TV, now known as Freevee, that program found a profitable home on streaming.

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