School district is trying to steal a 4 black student’s podcast

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The school district is trying to steal a 4 black student’s podcast: In 2020, a White police officer had just killed George Floyd. America City streets were overrun with demonstrators calling for racial justice. Four Black kids in Denver who were seeing it all from their school made the decision to launch a podcast on racial justice. They start a podcast after realizing “that our generation is the future and injustices will forever be our reality unless we undertake change NOW.

4 black student's podcast
4 black student’s podcast

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The program’s final title could be “Know Justice, Know Peace: The Take.” The children filed a federal court lawsuit against Denver Public School on Monday. The students claim that the district is attempting to copyright and “steal” the slogan they came up with more than 2 years ago, “Know Justice, Know Peace.” The students claim that the district school is attempting to copyright and “steal” the “Know Justice, Know Peace” brand name they created two years ago.

According to records, the district submitted three trademark applications for the phrase “Know Justice, Know Peace: The Take” in the last month, two to the federal government and one to the secretary of state of Colorado. In an email to The Washington Post, Denver Public Schools said that it was eager to “clear up any misconceptions” in the case, which was brought by attorney Jeffrey Kass on behalf of the four pupils.

Also, Denver Public Schools said, “We are sad that we were unable to reach an amicable settlement with these youngsters, and we remain open to additional negotiations. Floyd’s murder served as the podcast’s immediate motivation. Still, a more distant inspiration came from students who visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., in October 2019. The students pressured the principal to send those professors to the museum on the grounds that “black history was something we needed in our curriculum.”

4 black student’s podcast

The instructors returned and collaborated with the students to prepare their presentations for the school board. The curriculum was modified. The podcast was then motivated by Floyd’s murder. Less than six weeks later, on July 4, 2020, they debuted the program.

The students had written scripts for 25 episodes and aired 15. The podcast was an instant hit and got the attention of the national News. According to the lawsuit, the district schools have subsequently reset the passwords and taken control of all social media accounts connected to the brand. A “last-minute conference” with the pupils and their parents was reportedly held on August 29 by the deputy superintendent in an “effort to intimidate and threaten [them] into agreeing that Denver Public Schools (DPS) owns the trademark.” They assert that it is currently attempting to steal what they produced.

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