Severe Weather Alert Remains in Effect in Jamaica

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Written By Sristi Dumre

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The island’s fishermen have been urged to leave the cays and banks since severe weather is predicted to move across the nation in the next 36 to 48 hours.

The tropical wave that is currently over the southeast Caribbean Sea is still moving westward toward the island, according to the Meteorological Service of Jamaica’s most recent advisory on Thursday.

The wave is already delivering showers and thunderstorms and could intensify more during the next few days.

The system is anticipated to intensify over the following 48 hours into a tropical depression or storm, which could deliver unsteady weather over Jamaica’s exclusive economic zone.

Fishermen on the cays and banks are being advised by the Met Service to leave right away and begin making their way back to the mainland. It is urged that other small vessel operators in Jamaican waters return to port. Operators who are currently in port are warned not to enter the ocean again.

The Met Service said it will keep a careful eye on this area of weather disturbance. At 11:00 am, their subsequent advice is anticipated.

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