Tropical Storm Although still active, Ian is relocating

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Tropical Storm Although still active, Ian is relocating: The northern remnants of Tropical Cyclone Ian are anticipated to continue moving forward into Saturday morning. After dawn on Saturday, the torrential rain will gradually turn into sporadic showers. It is likely that when Tropical Cyclone Ian’s remnants travel up into Virginia, the Carolinas will become considerably rainier. Most of tonight’s showers will be light, but there may be a few stronger downpours, and winds might gust as high as 40 mph at times.

There may be a few lingering showers in the early hours of Saturday. Highs on Saturday will range from the middle 60s in the piedmont to the 50s in the mountains. The sky should progressively clear during the day, with highs on Sunday in the mid-60s and a possibility of a few scattered showers. As the work week kicks off on Monday, we could have a few sporadic showers. Highs on Monday will be in the upper 60s with a somewhat cloudy afternoon. Tuesday will mark the start of a high-pressure system building over the Southeast.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday-expect mostly sunny skies, less humidity, and temperatures in the upper 60s to lower 70s. The most recent tropical report indicates that Tropical Cyclone Ian‘s remnants are steadily heading north over the Carolinas. We may anticipate sustained gusts of more than 40 mph on Friday night and into Saturday morning, accompanied by a lot of rain and the possibility of flooding.

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