Troy Aikman makes fun after Peyton Hendershot’s catch

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Written By Sristi Dumre

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During “Monday Night Football,” Indiana University alumnus and ESPN broadcaster Joe Buck made care to mention tight end Peyton Hendershot of the Dallas Cowboys.

The announcer next to Buck, Troy Aikman, retaliated by making fun of the Hoosiers.

Hendershot, a rookie undrafted out of Tri-West High School, recorded his first three catches in the NFL on Monday night for a total of 43 yards.

After a reception and 10-yard gain in the fourth quarter, Buck remarked that Hendershot was “making the Indiana Hoosiers football program proud.”

That doesn’t take much, does it? Aikman retorted with a smile.

Both agreed right away that Aikman’s remark “wasn’t fair.”

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