US warnings over Putin’s nuclear threats

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US warnings over Putin’s nuclear threats: Globe is now more alert as a result of US warnings over Putin’s nuclear threats. The fact that the United States had to publicly and privately issue a warning to Russia not to use nuclear weapons shows how risky the conflict in Ukraine has become and could become in the future. The conflict is now in a crucial new stage. Using billions of dollars worth of weapons supplied by the West, Kyiv’s forces have achieved wins in the east, and Russian President Vladimir Putin has retaliated by sending thousands more soldiers to the front lines.

The Russian president increased the level of nuclear escalation last week by threatening to deploy all of his arsenal of bombs if he felt that his country’s territorial integrity was in danger.

Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser for the White House, however, offered a grave public warning to Putin on Sunday. Sullivan stated during “Meet the Press” on NBC. “Russia will suffer terrible consequences if it breaches this boundary. The US will act swiftly in response.

The US warning had been stronger in private channels, he continued, but red lines had not been drawn to maintain these relationships and prevent “a rhetorical tit-for-tat.” Putin’s remarks served as a reminder that the West will need to maintain composure the more successfully Ukraine wins the fight, particularly if Putin attempts to use Russia’s nuclear arsenal as its most potent weapon of intimidation.

US warnings over Putin’s nuclear threats

Many Western experts think Putin is playing a bluff and that Moscow is delaying this crucial move for strategic reasons. There are no reports in the media indicating that the Kremlin is preparing its arsenal of nuclear weapons for use in the conflict or that its position regarding its international strategic missiles has altered. Additionally, in an apparent effort to intimidate Western audiences and erode support for Kyiv in the transatlantic alliance, Putin has previously played the nuclear card in the conflict.

Washington issued its warning in this risky environment to stop Putin from spiralling out of control and increasing the possibility that he would use, or at least threaten to use, a limited-yield tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine to make up for his military’s defeat in a conventional conflict.

The US message also appeared to be addressed to people close to the Russian leader, such as those in senior roles in the military or intelligence services, who might be able to shape his thinking or prevent him from following through on his threats.

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