A massive fireball damaged a well-known Russian bridge Saturday that links the Crimean Peninsula and the Russian mainland, according to multiple reports

Image source: Google

The explosion will likely cause an immediate blow to Russia's supply route to troops fighting in southern Ukraine

The bridge has been a longtime symbol of Russian President Vladimir Putin's claim to the Crimean Peninsula

The Kerch Strait Bridge, which runs for 12 miles, was rocked by an explosion of a truck early Saturday morning, Russia’s Investigative Committee

The explosion “resulted in the ignition of seven fuel tanks of a train heading towards the Crimean Peninsula,” the statement said, per NBC News

Multiple lanes of the bridge reportedly crashed into the Black Sea. Images show the entire bridge encapsulated by a large fireball

Neither Russia nor Ukraine took immediate responsibility for the explosion, though both sides hinted that it wasn't an accident

Dozens of Russian military convoys have used the bridge in recent months to help provide armor and fuel to soldiers in southern Ukraine, CNN reports