The 43-year-old singer was reportedly rushed to a Los Angeles hospital on Tuesday (10.11.22) after suffering a suspected seizure

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Brandy is thanking fans for their “prayers and support” after she was reportedly hospitalized in Los Angeles for a possible seizure

It was earlier this year when Brandy blew the crowd away at the NFL's NFC Championship game with her rendition of the National Anthem

In June 2017, the 'Moesha' star was taken to a hospital after being found unconscious on a Delta flight between Los Angeles and New York City

She was in the studio all night last night until it was time for her to leave for the airport to catch a 5:45 a.m. flight

The chart-topping star was said to have been "exhausted" as a result of her hectic work schedule at the time

According to the tabloid’s sources, Brandy suffered from an apparent seizure, though there have been no other reports of health issues that might have caused the incident

Brandy is known for R&B hits such as “The Boy Is Mine” (with Monica) and “I Wanna Be Down.” She has also starred in movies and TV series, including the popular sitcom “Moesha,”