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Fans want an Oscar for Ana de Armas' "hauntingly gorgeous" portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in Netflix's "Blonde"

Since its premiere at the Venice Film Festival this year, people have been eager to watch Andrew Dominik's "Blonde" on Netflix and learn why it is getting such negative reviews.

Marilyn Monroe's life behind the camera and how she was never given the life she deserved are fictionalized in the film, which is based on the Joyce Carol Oates novel of the same name.

The Netflix drama film also examines how she managed to change from Norma Jean to the endearing Marilyn Monroe while suffering from a great deal of trauma.

In general, there has been much debate surrounding the film. Many people think that "Blonde" is just another film that takes advantage of Hollywood's female stars.

Others, meanwhile, believe Dominik's film is a "harrowing experience" and does nothing to enhance Monroe's legacy.

Ana de Armas, however, has won plaudits from all corners for her captivating portrayal of the renowned Hollywood character.

The actor's flawless performance has won many fans, who have showered social media with astounding praise.

Some people hailed her as the highlight of the film, while others predicted that she would win this year's Best Actress Oscar.

"I absolutely can't get over how great Ana De Armas is in Blonde on Netflix her portrayal of Marilyn is hauntingly exquisite," one of the followers exclaimed.

What a performance, my goodness. Incredible”. A different person said on social media, "And the Oscar for Best Actress goes to... "Blonde" star Ana de Armas.

Another supporter wrote on Twitter, "Ana de Armas gives a strong performance that is unstoppable.

It is challenging to decode Marilyn because it penetrates the layers of reality and fiction, the persona she fashioned and the rumors that have made her a figure of mystery in popular culture.