The year-over-year non-seasonally adjusted Headline CPI came in at 8.20%, down from 8.26% the previous month

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Supermarket prices rose another 0.7% last month, driven by increases in nearly every category, and food costs are now up 13% over the past year

The increase in grocery costs helped drive a 0.4% rise last month in the Consumer Price Index, which had increased just 0.1% in August

The produce aisle saw some of the biggest price increases in September. The fruit and vegetable index jumped 1.6%, led by a 6.8% increase in the price of lettuce and 5% rise in apple prices

The index for cereal and bakery products rose 0.9%, while dairy prices were 0.3% higher in September

The meat index rose 0.7%, driven by a 1.8% increase in pork prices and a 0.6% rise in poultry prices

"Today’s numbers make it clear that there is still work to be done to address these issues," Andy Harig, FMI's vice president

Higher costs for shelter and medical care also contributed to the September increase in the CPI, which is up 8.2% over the past 12 months