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After a 15-year-old Dalit child from India's Uttar Pradesh died after allegedly being thrashed by his instructor in a school, violent riots erupted in the area.

Nikhit Kumar, a private school in the northern Uttar Pradesh district of Auriya, passed away 19 days after he allegedly received physical abuse from his teacher for false information in class.

The youngster was verbally attacked with casteist slurs for being a Dalit, a member of the lowest caste in the Hindu caste system in India, once known as "untouchables 

Due to a mistake on a social science test on September 7, his family claims that the teacher physically abused the youngster with sticks and kicked him until he fainted.

The adolescent remained in and out of the hospital for two weeks following the event before being taken to the emergency room on Sunday as his condition worsened.

In the ensuing altercations, enraged protestors turned to stone pelting and torching at least two private vehicles and two police vehicles during overnight protests on Monday night.

Outside the school where the youngster was abused, the boy's body was laid out on the pavement while protesters chanted for justice.

Nikhit's Family said, when we requested financial recompense, the teacher—who comes from a higher caste—killed Nikhit and then insulted us in a casteist manner. 

A police official in Auraiya, claimed that early evidence indicated the boy was receiving treatment at a hospital for a kidney condition before to the incident.

To determine the precise cause of the boy's passing, officials are awaiting the post-mortem report and the hospital's medical records.

The beavered family, who sought the teacher's arrest, took the teen's remains for cremation on Tuesday.