Blizzard has revealed a ton more details about what it’s doing to tackle the issue of smurfs and toxic players in Overwatch 2 while giving new players a smooth onramp to the game

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The onboarding process for new players looks like a solid way to ease them into the chaos. The requirement to link a mobile phone number to your account might ruffle some players’ feathers

You’d need to find a way to have another phone number for each alt account. Blizzard says it won’t recognize pre-paid or VOIP numbers

“Right now, there is no account unification or account merge between separate accounts,”- Overwatch 2 lead software engineer Bill Warnecke

“In the past, accounts were tied to a box price, so there was some sort of investment from a player into an account in order to obtain it,” Warnecke said

The key idea behind SMS Protect is to have an investment on behalf of the owner of that account and add some limitations or restrictions behind how you might have an account

“Totally reasonable for players to have had multiple accounts. But by opening that up as a loophole, it would reduce the integrity and the value of adding SMS Protect across the board.”

The Overwatch team weighed up the pros and cons of the impact of SMS Protect on players with multiple accounts who play completely fairly

The Defense Matrix protections are largely about “trying to make it inconvenient for people who use cheats, but also to making it more expensive and uneconomical to develop these cheats.”