Nintendo shared the first trailer for the anticipated “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” an animated adventure featuring some deeply meme-worthy casting

Image source: Google

With Chris Pratt as Mario and Jack Black as Bowser, fans were excited to see just how unhinged this film would be

More than 600,000 viewers tuned into the premiere on Nintendo of America’s YouTube Channel, and the trailer was concurrently streamed at New York Comic Con

We finally got to hear Chris Pratt’s voice come out of Mario’s animated form, and it was delightfully bizarre

The trailer opens with Bowser back on his bullshit, trying to steal our stars like we’re playing “Mario Party.”

Bowser’s army of Koopa Troopas, led by Kamek the Magikoopa, face off against the ice kingdom’s legions of blue penguins, seen in the “Mario” games

In a new scene, Mario flies through a green pipe into the Mushroom Kingdom, where he bounces off huge, red mushrooms until he flops on the ground

The “Mario” movie was announced in September 2021 with an original December 2022 release date, but the film has since been delayed to April 27, 2023