Xi Jinping coup rumors: Is he under house arrest?

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Written By Sristi Dumre

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Brar also shared flight data showing there is no disruption of flights. He further shared visuals of public briefings by senior Chinese officials, suggesting that the government is functioning normally.

Journalist Zakka Jacob highlighted that Xi has a powerful institutional hold over China which makes a coup unlikely.

“Lots of rumors this morning about a military coup in China. Nothing credible so far. Military coups are unlikely in China because the People’s Liberation Army comes under the Central Military Commission. Xi, as General Secretary of the Communist Party, heads the CMC. The Army is that of the party, not the government,” said Jacob in a tweet.

Journalist and author Ananth Krishnan also said there is no evidence so far of a coup.

“While Chinese politics is the blackest of black boxes, I’ve come across zero evidence in Beijing today to substantiate any of the social media rumors,” said Krishnan on Twitter, noting that the rumors have surfaced in the run-up to the crucial Chinese Communist Party in which Xi is expected to secure an unprecedented third term.

Is Xi Jinping at risk of a putsch?
Multiple Twitter accounts with hundreds of followers have reported that Xi has been the target of a coup. A successor’s pictures have also surfaced. None of these updates, however, come from verified or reliable sources, and the majority of these accounts belong to anonymous persons.

What have experts said?
The majority of China specialists have emphasized that there are no indications of the coup outside of social media comments, notably in Indian circles.

After returning from the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Summit, China specialist Aadil Brar highlighted that Xi is probably under quarantine, which would account for his absence from public affairs at the present.

The internet is rife with reports that “something is up” in China, and predictions range from a probable military operation in Western China to a political or military coup against President Xi Jinping.

Reports of canceled passenger flights in numerous Chinese provinces, the absence of Xi from the public eye for some time, and alleged footage of military trucks marching on Beijing all lend credence to these theories.

However, no official denial of these rumors or confirmation of military movement toward the city has been provided.

In this essay, we talk about the social media conversation, particularly in India, and the facts that we know for sure.

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